Diabolical Disney

Almost every child in American watched Disney while growing up . When we were children, we didn’t question what we saw. But when we became adults, we realize all of the horrible messages that disney tried to teach us.Disney-logo

Disney makes women look weak. In almost every Disney movie there is a princess that needs to be rescued by a big, strong man. This is a terrible message for young girls to learn. These girls shouldn’t grow up believing that they need a prince to make them happy. They should believe in themselves and become strong, independent women.

In addition to Disney making women look week, they also objectivity women. Every disneyPrincess-Jasmine-disney-princess-29762439-259-300 princess is skinny, with a tiny waist, and a large bust. They only display beauty through one body type, which is wrong. Women come in all shapes and sizes and we shouldn’t allow one corporation to dictate what is beautiful and what is not. In Disney’s movies we often see men drooling over women, not because of their intelligence or personality, but because of their bodies.

if I ever have a daughter, I’m not sure if I will allow her to watch Disney movies. Sure, it is fun for every little girl to watch a happy story about a princess, but at what cost? I don’t want my daughter growing up and thinking that she should be weak, dumb, and beautiful to get a man’s love.


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