The Future Has Arrived

Imagine the year 2035. There is endless potential of the world can become. There is so much good that can happen in twenty-five years, but there is also the possibility of a world gone wrong.

Let me describe my perfect version of 2035. Envision a world where people are a lot happier. How could anyone be stressed out in a place where there is  free health-care, no recessions, and endless employment opportunities. There is also world peace and equal rights for every citizen. This has helped people become more accepting of one another, which has led to the end of racism.

Technology has excelled in these past twenty-five years. All cars now run on vegetable oil, which has brought pollution to a screeching halt. Global warming is a thing of the past, and the polar ice caps are safe for another thousand years. Along with environmental technology, medical technology has had improved dramatically. Cures have been found for every major disease, life expectancy is at an all time high.

Communications technology has advanced dramatically. The iPhone 37 is selling very well this year. This version of the iPhone can perform tasks via brain waves. All we have to do is think about what we would like the iPhone to do, and it happens within seconds. It also has the ability to project movies and televisions shows onto any surface. Speaking of television, programs have improved tremendously. There is no more reality television. Television has once again become a place for smart, funny shows.

Advertising has become more innovative in the last few decades. Advertisements have become three-dimensional and interactive, making them more exciting. For example, whenever a commercial for perfume is shown in a movie theater, the room is filled with the scent of that perfume for ten seconds. People are experiencing advertisements now, instead of just looking at them. This has lead to an increase is spending, which has been great for both the consumer and the producers. I hope you enjoyed this brief glance at the perfect world in the year 2035. Image

Now lets visit another possibility of the year 2035. Let me warn you, this version of 2035 is not very pretty.

People in this world can not speak. In the last twenty-five years, texting and instant messaged were used so frequently that people lost the ability to properly use their vocal cords. Now citizens must use a computer or cell phone if they want to attempt to communicate with one another. To make matters worse there is a very large war going on between many countries. The war begun over a misunderstanding of text messages between China and the U.S.

Because of the lack of speech, the television, film, and music industries have collapsed. This had lead to the closings of record labels, television and film studios, and entertainment stores. This has also effected the public relations field. There are no celebrities to protect, hence the need for public relations has significantly decreased. Hundreds of millions of jobs had been lost, making unemployment a record thirty-five percent.

The collapse of the music, television, and film industries, lead to an increase in video game production. Adults and children have clung to video games, as it one of the only forms of entertainment left on earth today. Unfortunately most of these games can be played without any substantial physical activity, which had lead to an increase in obesity. People are not taking care of themselves, which has lead to an increase in disease and a decrease in life-span. This world is in serious trouble.

To be honest, both of those worlds were a little extreme. I think that the year 2035 will onlyno-newspaper_copy_93f0ca have a few differences from today. I believe that all forms of mass media will flourish in the next twenty years, except the tradition newspaper. Unfortunately, I think that by 2035, we will get out news from only the internet and television. This will most likely lead to a decrease in job opportunities for journalists. I believe that all other forms of entertainment will be at an all time high. This will lead to increase in the need of public relations because of the new celebrities that will need representation.

I want to go into the television industry. I think that there will be an increase of programs and channels in the next twenty-five years. I am confident that this will lead to a strong television industry. Hopefully, I will be working for a major company that creates situational comedies. Along with having a great job, I wish to have an amazing family. I expect that my children will be extremely addicted to their smart phones like the people of today. But I will make sure that we have some fun family time without the use of any technology or mass communication.


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