Blogging About Blogs!

Television is not only my favorite source of entertainment, it is also my passion. I enjoy reading anything remotely based on television shows, characters, networks, and celebrities. Out of all the television blogs I have read, there are three that both credible and very enjoyable to read.

The first blog I want to review is “HuffPost TV“. This blog is a branch of the Huffing Post newspaper. This blog in the style of an online newspaper. The purpose of “HuffPost TV” is to inform television viewers about the most recent television news. It also tells its audience the highlight of the pervious day’s episodes. The blog covers more popular television shows rather than underground programming. The posts in this blog are mostly presented through articles, but there are also short news reports to make some stories more entertaining.

I think that “HuffPost TV” is aiming for a mature audience. Many of the post on the blog have been written by journalists who work for the Huffington Post.These post are written as professional news stories that would most likely attract an audience who enjoys reading the news. I believe “HuffPost TV” is a credible source because the pieces are written by professional journalists.

The next blog up for review is “What’s Allen Watching”. This blog has two parts to it. The blog began on the website “Blogspot” in 2005, but blogger Alan Sepinwall recently made a switch to the website “HitFix“. Because this is the same blog, I will be reviewing it as if it were only one website. I wish that I could have chosen a less complicated blog to discuss, but unfortunately this one is so fantastic that I couldn’t ignore it.

The purpose of “What’s Alan Watching” is to critique television programs. Alan Sepinwall digs deep into the plot of every television show he watches. He tells his readers wbook-cover-bloghat he appreciated in the episode and what he would have done to improve it. Along with the episode evaluation, Sepinwall has numerous interviews with celebrity that he posts for his audience. I think that his target audience are young adults that take television very seriously.

What makes “What’s Alan Watching” a credible source is that Alan Sepinwall is not only an experienced blogger, but is also an author. Sepinwall wrote, “The Revolution Was Televised: The Cops, Crooks, Slingers and Slayers Who Changed TV Drama Forever,” in 2012.  Critics raved about his book proving that when it comes to television, Sepinwall knows what he is talking about.

The final blog that I will review is “The TV Addict“. The main purpose of “The TV Addict” is to see what is happened behind the scenes of television shows. Many posts are focused on television conventions. These posts give us insight of what the actors are thinking and hints of what could happen next season on the show. There are also stories specifically focusing on the actors themselves. In addition to these stories, there are daily posts of how well the ratings were for each show. This style of writing gives this blog a newspaper feel.

I think that “The TV Addict” has an audience of young adults that like to read more about celebrities than the shows they act in. “The TV Addict” is a credible source because the writers have had many personal interview with the celebrities they write about. The writers of this blog have also had the opportunity to go to television conventions, press releases, and television sets. This allows the writers to gain first-hand experiences that coincide to their posts.

I really do enjoy reading all of these blogs, but I have to say that my favorite on is “What’s Alan Watching”. I really appreciate that Sepinwall does not post any scandalous news about celebrities,cover_s4he just focuses on the art of television. I also admire that Sepinwell does not bash television programs, he instead give them constructive criticism.

If I were to write a blog about television, I would write only about situation comedies. My blog would be in a diary style. I would be somewhat critical about the shows, but mostly I would highlight what I enjoyed about them. Not every person likes to read from some one who is too critical. I would also post interviews with the stars of the sitcoms and upload previews to next weeks episodes. My target audience would most likely be young adults who are interested in situational comedies.


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