Adding More “Parks” to NBC Businesses

My favorite television program is “Parks and Recreation”. This show focuses around the lives of the lovable government employees who work in the parks and recreation department in theUnknown small town of Pawnee, Indiana. This show is smart, funny, touching, incredibly written, and well performed. Unfortunately this critically acclaimed show has lower ratings than NBC expected. But I have a plan to get attention and ratings up.

NBC owns a lot of different business. We are going to try to utilize each of these business to promote “Parks and Recreation.” First we will begin by using the other networks that NBC owns. NBC owns over twenty networks including USA, Bravo, and Oxygen. We will record a new, funny commercial for Parks and Recreation that will play on each of the networks twice an hour.

We can also show these advertisements in movie theaters because NBC owns Universal Pictures and Focus Features. As long as a film is produced by either Universal Pictures or Focus Features, the advertisement can be slipped into the movie’s previews. This commercial should gain interest from the viewers of these channels and films .

NBC also owns the E! network, which centers around celebrity news. We can promote Parks and Recreation for a full month on E!. We will show a new interview from a cast member every Wednesday and Thursday. I think Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to promote the shows, because new episode premiere on Thursday evenings.

We will then put small interactive advertisements on iVillage and Daily Candy, which are NBC owned online newsletters. If a reader would like to learn more about “Parks and Recreation, they could click on the advertisement. This link will bring the reader to the “Parks and Recreation” page on NBC’s website.

Next, we will target Universal Studio Parks, which is owned my NBC. A way to promote the show at Universal parks is to make all paper products “Parks and Recreation” themed. Paper plates, cups, and napkins could have a clever character quote on them as well as the time and day new episodes debut. Even though this tactic is subtile, it may be effective. “Parks and Recreation” merchandise including shirts, stuffed animals, hats, mugs, and more will be sold at every universal store.

Finally we move to the most fun promotional idea. All Universal Resorts and every other hotel owned by NBC, which include Hard Rock and Double Tree hotels, will be promoting “Parks and Recreation.” Near every pool there will be a sign read, “Brought to you by the parks department of Pawnee, Indiana.” On every towel there will be the message, “New episode of Parks and Recreation, 8:30, Thursdays, NBC.”

To make these advertisements more interactive, there will also be a QR code hunt. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a QR code is a small patterned box that can be scanned220px-Qr-code-ver-10.svg
by an application on your smart phone. Once the code is scanned, your smart phone will takeyou to a predetermined website. Every Saturday there will be a “Parks and Recreation” themed QR code hunt throughout the entire hotel. The website will count the number of points that each player gets in a day.
Whoever find the most points in a day will receive every season   of “Parks and Recreation” on DVD.

I realize that this all sounds a bit much, but this show is in desperate need of attention. Our only hope is to do an enormous advertising explosion, and hope that the ratings for “Parks and Recreation” improve.


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