Tic Tacs and Sunny D


I recently re-watched one of my favorite movie, Juno. Although I have seen this film many times, it wasn’t until this viewing that I noticed that there were a couple of products that were placed thought out the film. The two products that stood out to me the most were Sunny D and Tic Tacs. I began to wonder if the product placed in the movie were incidental or a strategic and subtle way to advertise.

For those of you who have never seen see Juno, you are truly missing out on a hilarious and smart film. Juno tells the story of an sixteen year-old girl, Juno MacGuff, who has gotten pregnant by one of her her best friends, Paulie Bleaker. Juno realize early in her pregnancy that she is too young to raise this child, so she looks for parents looking to adopt. She finds a caring family in a local newspaper, meets with them, and decides to give her baby to them.

Sounds like a simple plot line right? Well not exactly. While in the months that Juno is pregnant, different aspects of her life begin to fall apart. Juno and Paulie begin to fight, causing a rift in their once strong relationship. Juno is also faced with being ostracized and mocked by her fellow students. Worst of all, the father of the family that is suppose to adopts Juno’s baby is contemplating the idea of leaving his wife. So as you can tell, Juno isn’t having the best year.

SunnyDOkay, now that you all understand the plot of the movie, we can get into the topic of product placement. The first product that is placed in the film is Sunny D. The opening scene of the movie shows Juno standing in the middle of a lawn and attempting to drink an entire gallon of Sunny D. There reason that she is drinking an abundant amount of Sunny D becomes clear when she goes to the drug store an purchased her third pregnancy test of the day. Sunny D comes up once again, about five minutes later when Juno is on the phone with her other best friend, Leah. That is the last time that Sunny D was mentioned in the movie.

I find it a bit strange that the popular orange drink was only presented with-in the first five minutes of the film. Sunny D was mentioned so briefly that it makes me think that any other drink product could have taken it’s spot. It also did not have anything to do with the story line of the movie, which makes me think that this was definitely product placement.

The second product that we see in the movie is orange flavored Tic Tacs. Unlike the Sunny D placement, we see the Tic Tacs through out the entire film. The Tic Tacs are first mentioned with the introduction of Paulie Bleaker. Juno says with-in the first ten minutes of the film that orange Tic Tacs are Paulie’s favorite food.

ticWe continue to see the orange mints appear in almost ever scene that Paulie is in. When we see him in school, there is always a pack of Tic Tacs in his locker. In the scenes where he is at home, there is at least one pack on his night stand.

The Tic Tac’s once again come into play toward the end of the movie after Juno and Paulie have a very large fight. She wants to apologize to Paulie, so Juno and Leah go to a grocery store and buy about two-hundred packs of the orange mints. They then put the packs into Paulie’s mailbox. The next day Paulie opens his mailbox and presents an enormous smile as the packs of Tic Tacs pour out of his mailbox.

He then confronts Juno at school and asks if she was responsible for the hundreds of packs of orange Tic Tacs. She then responds, “I figured you could never have enough of your favorite one calorie breath mints.” It was that last line that Juno said that made me think that the Tic Tacs may have been placed in the movie on purpose. It is normal for a food product to be in a movie, but it is rare to hear a character mention the nutrition facts of that food.

I think most audience members remember that the the orange flavored Tic Tacs were featured in the movie. They were seen so many times through out the movie that it was hard to miss. The mints were also a big part of Paulie Bleaker’s character. If Paulie Bleaker is ever mentioned outside of the movie, he is automatically associated with Tic Tacs.

I think that Sunny D and Tic Tacs were placed in Juno because they are products that are good for every age group. Although the movie was mostly marketed toward teenagers and young adults, I know people from the ages of ten to sixty who have watched this film. It is easy and efficient to sell food to many age different group by featuring it in one movie. Also, food appeals to people of all ages because it is simple to obtain and easy to enjoy. That is my prediction on why Sunny D and Tic Tacs were placed in the film Juno.


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