Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for television

ht_Dr_Pepper_TEN_TVC_Screen_Shot_jt_111010_wblogDr. Pepper recently released a commercial for their new product, Dr. Pepper Ten. I was sitting in my dorm when the commercial first played. Although, I wasn’t concentrating on the commercial, the catchphrase of the product captured my attention. My head whipped around as I heard the phrase, “Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for women.

At first, I thought that I misheard the catchphrase, so I looked up the video on YouTube. I found the full commercial and watched it immediately. This commercial was much more shocking then I originally thought. Throughout the advertisement, they stereotyped women. They made fun of the fact that some women enjoy romantic comedies and basically said that women can’t enjoy an action movie. The large, strong man in the commercial also said that women should stick to their “lady drinks.” By doing this, it reinforces the belief that women are weak, and men are strong. As a women, I was personally offended by this commercial. I decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to the CEO of Comedy Central because that is the station that plays this commercial most often.

To Tom Freston,

For the past hundred years, women have fought their hardest to be treated equally to men. In these years we have come a long way, but today there are still forces that oppress us. One of those forces had been the most recent Dr. Pepper Ten commercial.

This commercial has the catchphrase, “Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for women.” How does this seem like an appropriate commercial to air on your network? This commercial is incredibly offensive, and should be taken off the air immediately. This advertisement makes men appear to be the superior gender. It makes men seem powerful, which in turn makes women seem weak and frail. I am not okay with this portrayal of women. We have come too far as a gender, to be pushed around and stereotyped by a thoughtless thirty second advertisement.

There are young women who watch your network almost every day. How do you think they feel watch this advertisement? Well let me tell you, I am one of these women, and I must say that I am disgusted that you would approve such a sexiest commercial. I am not going to support a network that promotes the idea the men are superior to women. If this commercial is not taken off the air, then myself and many other women will no longer watch this network’s programming. Have a nice day.

Stephanie Gordon


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