Chick-fil-a Loves Everyone

The popular fast food restaurant chain, Chick-fil-a, has recently been under some negative publicity. The poor view of the restaurant chain began when the president of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, stated the he did not support gay marriage. The words of Dan Cathy’s statement quickly spread leaving Chick-fil-a being perceived as an anti-gay company.


It isn’t going to be easy to fix the negative publicity that Chick-fil-a has set upon itself. They will have to hire the best public relations professionals available. If I were one of those PR professionals, I think I could help. I have a few ideas that could possibly get the public opinion back on Chick-fil-a’s side.

First I would hold a press conference, in which I would invite as many news sources as possible. Then at the conference, I would have Dan Cathy give a heart-felt apology to the gay community. Next, I would have another Chick-fil-a representative make an announcement that  Chick-fil-a will now be a gay rights supporting restaurant chain. The reason that Cathy will not be making the previous statement, is because I believe that the public would not take him seriously.

Chick-fil-a would then release a new commercial, which would subtly address that they support people from all different walks of life. The commercial would feature people of difference races, cultures, and sexual orientation. They would all be standing and passing around a very large container of Chick-fil-a chicken tenders. Every time the container reached a person, they would take a chicken tender out of the container, smile, and pass it to the next person. After every person had a chicken tender the group would count to three and all take a bite. The camera filming the commercial would then rise showing that the group of people made a circle. The following message would then apper in the circle, “Everyone loves Chick-fil-a, and Chick-fil-a loves everyone.”

Next, Chick-fil-a will make sure to be at every gay rights walk, parade, and rally. There they will be donating meals for all of the gay right supporters. I’m sure that there will be many news sources at the different events, but I will make an effort to invite a few more reporters to catch every moment of Chick-fil-a performing their good deeds.

331890-402317-33Finally, Chick-fil-a will be including a rubber bracelet will every meal sold in their restaurants. The bracelets will have the same phrase as the commercial, “Everyone loves Chick-fil-a, and Chick-fil-a loves everyone.” Rubber bracelets are very popular today. They are worn for the sole purpose of promoting causes. I think that they will be very popular with customers, and also remind consumers of our new commercial.

These campaigns and strategies all follow the ethical code of the PRSA, which is the Public Relations Society of America. We are not trying to trick or manipulate the public in any way. Instead, we are trying to fix one man’s mistake. And if gay rights are promoted through Chick-fil-a, then it is a win-win situations.

Hopefully these campaigns and strategies will improve the public’s views of Chick-fil-a. But this won’t happen over night, Chick-fil-a will have to keep up with these campaigns and strategies for at least a year. Even then, some of the public may still have a negative opinion of Chick-fil-a, but as long as we can get some of the public back on our side, it is progress.


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