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Chick-fil-a Loves Everyone

The popular fast food restaurant chain, Chick-fil-a, has recently been under some negative publicity. The poor view of the restaurant chain began when the president of Chick-fil-a, Dan Cathy, stated the he did not support gay marriage. The words of Dan Cathy’s statement quickly spread leaving Chick-fil-a being perceived as an anti-gay company.


It isn’t going to be easy to fix the negative publicity that Chick-fil-a has set upon itself. They will have to hire the best public relations professionals available. If I were one of those PR professionals, I think I could help. I have a few ideas that could possibly get the public opinion back on Chick-fil-a’s side.

First I would hold a press conference, in which I would invite as many news sources as possible. Then at the conference, I would have Dan Cathy give a heart-felt apology to the gay community. Next, I would have another Chick-fil-a representative make an announcement that  Chick-fil-a will now be a gay rights supporting restaurant chain. The reason that Cathy will not be making the previous statement, is because I believe that the public would not take him seriously.

Chick-fil-a would then release a new commercial, which would subtly address that they support people from all different walks of life. The commercial would feature people of difference races, cultures, and sexual orientation. They would all be standing and passing around a very large container of Chick-fil-a chicken tenders. Every time the container reached a person, they would take a chicken tender out of the container, smile, and pass it to the next person. After every person had a chicken tender the group would count to three and all take a bite. The camera filming the commercial would then rise showing that the group of people made a circle. The following message would then apper in the circle, “Everyone loves Chick-fil-a, and Chick-fil-a loves everyone.”

Next, Chick-fil-a will make sure to be at every gay rights walk, parade, and rally. There they will be donating meals for all of the gay right supporters. I’m sure that there will be many news sources at the different events, but I will make an effort to invite a few more reporters to catch every moment of Chick-fil-a performing their good deeds.

331890-402317-33Finally, Chick-fil-a will be including a rubber bracelet will every meal sold in their restaurants. The bracelets will have the same phrase as the commercial, “Everyone loves Chick-fil-a, and Chick-fil-a loves everyone.” Rubber bracelets are very popular today. They are worn for the sole purpose of promoting causes. I think that they will be very popular with customers, and also remind consumers of our new commercial.

These campaigns and strategies all follow the ethical code of the PRSA, which is the Public Relations Society of America. We are not trying to trick or manipulate the public in any way. Instead, we are trying to fix one man’s mistake. And if gay rights are promoted through Chick-fil-a, then it is a win-win situations.

Hopefully these campaigns and strategies will improve the public’s views of Chick-fil-a. But this won’t happen over night, Chick-fil-a will have to keep up with these campaigns and strategies for at least a year. Even then, some of the public may still have a negative opinion of Chick-fil-a, but as long as we can get some of the public back on our side, it is progress.


The Perks of Being a Reader

Last summer I read a book that made a difference in my life. I was sitting on a plane with my two best friends, Rachel and Alex. We were heading toward Disney World in Florida to celebrate our recent graduation from high school. About an hour into the flight, I saw Rachel pull a small green book out of her bag. The title of the book read, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” The title of the book sounded familiar to me. I then remembered that my sister had recommended the book to me about two years earlier. Because I was not much of a reader, I ignored her recommendation.

200px-Perksofbeingwallflower1My friends and I arrived in Florida about two hours later. We unpacked, bought our Disney tickets, and immediately hit the amusement parks. By the end of the day, we were completely exhausted. I suggested to Alex and Rachel that we should just relax by watching some television, but they had different ideas. Alex pulled three large books out of her suit case and Rachel once again revealed the small green book.

“Are you guys seriously going to read on vacation?”, I said in a slightly annoyed tone. “Yes.”, they answered simultaneously. Alex and Rachel were about to dive into their books, when they realized that I had brought nothing to read. Rachel then took a book from Alex’s collection for herself and shoved “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” into my hands. “Just read it, I think you’ll like it.”, she said. The only options I had were to be extremely bored or read the book. I choose the book.

By page four, I was hooked. It was incredibly difficult to put the book down once I started. For the next three nights, I was actually excited to read. The aspect of the book that made it so irresistible was how it was written. For those of you who have never read “Perks of Being a Wallflower”, it is one of the most creativity formatted books I have ever read. The entire story is told through the incredibly detailed letters of a fourteen year old boy, Charlie.

Another aspect of the book that made it so intriguing, where how the characters were developed. It was wonderful to see characters through the eyes of one main character, instead of a narrator. It was also quiet interesting to see how Charlie characteristics unfolded throughout his own writing.

There is also a bit of mystery to this book. From the beginning, the reader knows that Charlie is an anxious person. We know that he has been in mental institutions a couple of time during his childhood. But we don’t know why. As we read through the book, we get closer and closer to the cause of Charlie’s unstable mind. Even though this book is fictional, I have never been more convinced that Charlie exists some where in this world.

This book made me want to become an active reader. Since finishing “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” last summer, I have read at least one book a month. My favorite kind of novels to read are those that are believable, but also have a twist ending. I especially enjoy the work of Chuck Palahniuk. I think that it is great that I can now enjoy stories through another medium beside television. I also have become a fan of book discussions. Every time I finish a new book, I try to find a friend or family member who has also read that book. It is fun to exchange our favorite parts of the book and also to argue what messages the author was trying to bring to the audience.

I think the reason that “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” change my perspective on reading was because it was a realistic book. Everything that I had read before it seemed phony and unrelatable. But I can honestly say that I connected with this book on an emotional and intellectual level, and that has made all the difference.

Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for television

ht_Dr_Pepper_TEN_TVC_Screen_Shot_jt_111010_wblogDr. Pepper recently released a commercial for their new product, Dr. Pepper Ten. I was sitting in my dorm when the commercial first played. Although, I wasn’t concentrating on the commercial, the catchphrase of the product captured my attention. My head whipped around as I heard the phrase, “Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for women.

At first, I thought that I misheard the catchphrase, so I looked up the video on YouTube. I found the full commercial and watched it immediately. This commercial was much more shocking then I originally thought. Throughout the advertisement, they stereotyped women. They made fun of the fact that some women enjoy romantic comedies and basically said that women can’t enjoy an action movie. The large, strong man in the commercial also said that women should stick to their “lady drinks.” By doing this, it reinforces the belief that women are weak, and men are strong. As a women, I was personally offended by this commercial. I decided that it would be a good idea to write a letter to the CEO of Comedy Central because that is the station that plays this commercial most often.

To Tom Freston,

For the past hundred years, women have fought their hardest to be treated equally to men. In these years we have come a long way, but today there are still forces that oppress us. One of those forces had been the most recent Dr. Pepper Ten commercial.

This commercial has the catchphrase, “Dr. Pepper Ten, it’s not for women.” How does this seem like an appropriate commercial to air on your network? This commercial is incredibly offensive, and should be taken off the air immediately. This advertisement makes men appear to be the superior gender. It makes men seem powerful, which in turn makes women seem weak and frail. I am not okay with this portrayal of women. We have come too far as a gender, to be pushed around and stereotyped by a thoughtless thirty second advertisement.

There are young women who watch your network almost every day. How do you think they feel watch this advertisement? Well let me tell you, I am one of these women, and I must say that I am disgusted that you would approve such a sexiest commercial. I am not going to support a network that promotes the idea the men are superior to women. If this commercial is not taken off the air, then myself and many other women will no longer watch this network’s programming. Have a nice day.

Stephanie Gordon

Tic Tacs and Sunny D


I recently re-watched one of my favorite movie, Juno. Although I have seen this film many times, it wasn’t until this viewing that I noticed that there were a couple of products that were placed thought out the film. The two products that stood out to me the most were Sunny D and Tic Tacs. I began to wonder if the product placed in the movie were incidental or a strategic and subtle way to advertise.

For those of you who have never seen see Juno, you are truly missing out on a hilarious and smart film. Juno tells the story of an sixteen year-old girl, Juno MacGuff, who has gotten pregnant by one of her her best friends, Paulie Bleaker. Juno realize early in her pregnancy that she is too young to raise this child, so she looks for parents looking to adopt. She finds a caring family in a local newspaper, meets with them, and decides to give her baby to them.

Sounds like a simple plot line right? Well not exactly. While in the months that Juno is pregnant, different aspects of her life begin to fall apart. Juno and Paulie begin to fight, causing a rift in their once strong relationship. Juno is also faced with being ostracized and mocked by her fellow students. Worst of all, the father of the family that is suppose to adopts Juno’s baby is contemplating the idea of leaving his wife. So as you can tell, Juno isn’t having the best year.

SunnyDOkay, now that you all understand the plot of the movie, we can get into the topic of product placement. The first product that is placed in the film is Sunny D. The opening scene of the movie shows Juno standing in the middle of a lawn and attempting to drink an entire gallon of Sunny D. There reason that she is drinking an abundant amount of Sunny D becomes clear when she goes to the drug store an purchased her third pregnancy test of the day. Sunny D comes up once again, about five minutes later when Juno is on the phone with her other best friend, Leah. That is the last time that Sunny D was mentioned in the movie.

I find it a bit strange that the popular orange drink was only presented with-in the first five minutes of the film. Sunny D was mentioned so briefly that it makes me think that any other drink product could have taken it’s spot. It also did not have anything to do with the story line of the movie, which makes me think that this was definitely product placement.

The second product that we see in the movie is orange flavored Tic Tacs. Unlike the Sunny D placement, we see the Tic Tacs through out the entire film. The Tic Tacs are first mentioned with the introduction of Paulie Bleaker. Juno says with-in the first ten minutes of the film that orange Tic Tacs are Paulie’s favorite food.

ticWe continue to see the orange mints appear in almost ever scene that Paulie is in. When we see him in school, there is always a pack of Tic Tacs in his locker. In the scenes where he is at home, there is at least one pack on his night stand.

The Tic Tac’s once again come into play toward the end of the movie after Juno and Paulie have a very large fight. She wants to apologize to Paulie, so Juno and Leah go to a grocery store and buy about two-hundred packs of the orange mints. They then put the packs into Paulie’s mailbox. The next day Paulie opens his mailbox and presents an enormous smile as the packs of Tic Tacs pour out of his mailbox.

He then confronts Juno at school and asks if she was responsible for the hundreds of packs of orange Tic Tacs. She then responds, “I figured you could never have enough of your favorite one calorie breath mints.” It was that last line that Juno said that made me think that the Tic Tacs may have been placed in the movie on purpose. It is normal for a food product to be in a movie, but it is rare to hear a character mention the nutrition facts of that food.

I think most audience members remember that the the orange flavored Tic Tacs were featured in the movie. They were seen so many times through out the movie that it was hard to miss. The mints were also a big part of Paulie Bleaker’s character. If Paulie Bleaker is ever mentioned outside of the movie, he is automatically associated with Tic Tacs.

I think that Sunny D and Tic Tacs were placed in Juno because they are products that are good for every age group. Although the movie was mostly marketed toward teenagers and young adults, I know people from the ages of ten to sixty who have watched this film. It is easy and efficient to sell food to many age different group by featuring it in one movie. Also, food appeals to people of all ages because it is simple to obtain and easy to enjoy. That is my prediction on why Sunny D and Tic Tacs were placed in the film Juno.

Adding More “Parks” to NBC Businesses

My favorite television program is “Parks and Recreation”. This show focuses around the lives of the lovable government employees who work in the parks and recreation department in theUnknown small town of Pawnee, Indiana. This show is smart, funny, touching, incredibly written, and well performed. Unfortunately this critically acclaimed show has lower ratings than NBC expected. But I have a plan to get attention and ratings up.

NBC owns a lot of different business. We are going to try to utilize each of these business to promote “Parks and Recreation.” First we will begin by using the other networks that NBC owns. NBC owns over twenty networks including USA, Bravo, and Oxygen. We will record a new, funny commercial for Parks and Recreation that will play on each of the networks twice an hour.

We can also show these advertisements in movie theaters because NBC owns Universal Pictures and Focus Features. As long as a film is produced by either Universal Pictures or Focus Features, the advertisement can be slipped into the movie’s previews. This commercial should gain interest from the viewers of these channels and films .

NBC also owns the E! network, which centers around celebrity news. We can promote Parks and Recreation for a full month on E!. We will show a new interview from a cast member every Wednesday and Thursday. I think Wednesdays and Thursdays are the best days to promote the shows, because new episode premiere on Thursday evenings.

We will then put small interactive advertisements on iVillage and Daily Candy, which are NBC owned online newsletters. If a reader would like to learn more about “Parks and Recreation, they could click on the advertisement. This link will bring the reader to the “Parks and Recreation” page on NBC’s website.

Next, we will target Universal Studio Parks, which is owned my NBC. A way to promote the show at Universal parks is to make all paper products “Parks and Recreation” themed. Paper plates, cups, and napkins could have a clever character quote on them as well as the time and day new episodes debut. Even though this tactic is subtile, it may be effective. “Parks and Recreation” merchandise including shirts, stuffed animals, hats, mugs, and more will be sold at every universal store.

Finally we move to the most fun promotional idea. All Universal Resorts and every other hotel owned by NBC, which include Hard Rock and Double Tree hotels, will be promoting “Parks and Recreation.” Near every pool there will be a sign read, “Brought to you by the parks department of Pawnee, Indiana.” On every towel there will be the message, “New episode of Parks and Recreation, 8:30, Thursdays, NBC.”

To make these advertisements more interactive, there will also be a QR code hunt. For those of you who don’t know what that is, a QR code is a small patterned box that can be scanned220px-Qr-code-ver-10.svg
by an application on your smart phone. Once the code is scanned, your smart phone will takeyou to a predetermined website. Every Saturday there will be a “Parks and Recreation” themed QR code hunt throughout the entire hotel. The website will count the number of points that each player gets in a day.
Whoever find the most points in a day will receive every season   of “Parks and Recreation” on DVD.

I realize that this all sounds a bit much, but this show is in desperate need of attention. Our only hope is to do an enormous advertising explosion, and hope that the ratings for “Parks and Recreation” improve.

Blogging About Blogs!

Television is not only my favorite source of entertainment, it is also my passion. I enjoy reading anything remotely based on television shows, characters, networks, and celebrities. Out of all the television blogs I have read, there are three that both credible and very enjoyable to read.

The first blog I want to review is “HuffPost TV“. This blog is a branch of the Huffing Post newspaper. This blog in the style of an online newspaper. The purpose of “HuffPost TV” is to inform television viewers about the most recent television news. It also tells its audience the highlight of the pervious day’s episodes. The blog covers more popular television shows rather than underground programming. The posts in this blog are mostly presented through articles, but there are also short news reports to make some stories more entertaining.

I think that “HuffPost TV” is aiming for a mature audience. Many of the post on the blog have been written by journalists who work for the Huffington Post.These post are written as professional news stories that would most likely attract an audience who enjoys reading the news. I believe “HuffPost TV” is a credible source because the pieces are written by professional journalists.

The next blog up for review is “What’s Allen Watching”. This blog has two parts to it. The blog began on the website “Blogspot” in 2005, but blogger Alan Sepinwall recently made a switch to the website “HitFix“. Because this is the same blog, I will be reviewing it as if it were only one website. I wish that I could have chosen a less complicated blog to discuss, but unfortunately this one is so fantastic that I couldn’t ignore it.

The purpose of “What’s Alan Watching” is to critique television programs. Alan Sepinwall digs deep into the plot of every television show he watches. He tells his readers wbook-cover-bloghat he appreciated in the episode and what he would have done to improve it. Along with the episode evaluation, Sepinwall has numerous interviews with celebrity that he posts for his audience. I think that his target audience are young adults that take television very seriously.

What makes “What’s Alan Watching” a credible source is that Alan Sepinwall is not only an experienced blogger, but is also an author. Sepinwall wrote, “The Revolution Was Televised: The Cops, Crooks, Slingers and Slayers Who Changed TV Drama Forever,” in 2012.  Critics raved about his book proving that when it comes to television, Sepinwall knows what he is talking about.

The final blog that I will review is “The TV Addict“. The main purpose of “The TV Addict” is to see what is happened behind the scenes of television shows. Many posts are focused on television conventions. These posts give us insight of what the actors are thinking and hints of what could happen next season on the show. There are also stories specifically focusing on the actors themselves. In addition to these stories, there are daily posts of how well the ratings were for each show. This style of writing gives this blog a newspaper feel.

I think that “The TV Addict” has an audience of young adults that like to read more about celebrities than the shows they act in. “The TV Addict” is a credible source because the writers have had many personal interview with the celebrities they write about. The writers of this blog have also had the opportunity to go to television conventions, press releases, and television sets. This allows the writers to gain first-hand experiences that coincide to their posts.

I really do enjoy reading all of these blogs, but I have to say that my favorite on is “What’s Alan Watching”. I really appreciate that Sepinwall does not post any scandalous news about celebrities,cover_s4he just focuses on the art of television. I also admire that Sepinwell does not bash television programs, he instead give them constructive criticism.

If I were to write a blog about television, I would write only about situation comedies. My blog would be in a diary style. I would be somewhat critical about the shows, but mostly I would highlight what I enjoyed about them. Not every person likes to read from some one who is too critical. I would also post interviews with the stars of the sitcoms and upload previews to next weeks episodes. My target audience would most likely be young adults who are interested in situational comedies.

The Future Has Arrived

Imagine the year 2035. There is endless potential of the world can become. There is so much good that can happen in twenty-five years, but there is also the possibility of a world gone wrong.

Let me describe my perfect version of 2035. Envision a world where people are a lot happier. How could anyone be stressed out in a place where there is  free health-care, no recessions, and endless employment opportunities. There is also world peace and equal rights for every citizen. This has helped people become more accepting of one another, which has led to the end of racism.

Technology has excelled in these past twenty-five years. All cars now run on vegetable oil, which has brought pollution to a screeching halt. Global warming is a thing of the past, and the polar ice caps are safe for another thousand years. Along with environmental technology, medical technology has had improved dramatically. Cures have been found for every major disease, life expectancy is at an all time high.

Communications technology has advanced dramatically. The iPhone 37 is selling very well this year. This version of the iPhone can perform tasks via brain waves. All we have to do is think about what we would like the iPhone to do, and it happens within seconds. It also has the ability to project movies and televisions shows onto any surface. Speaking of television, programs have improved tremendously. There is no more reality television. Television has once again become a place for smart, funny shows.

Advertising has become more innovative in the last few decades. Advertisements have become three-dimensional and interactive, making them more exciting. For example, whenever a commercial for perfume is shown in a movie theater, the room is filled with the scent of that perfume for ten seconds. People are experiencing advertisements now, instead of just looking at them. This has lead to an increase is spending, which has been great for both the consumer and the producers. I hope you enjoyed this brief glance at the perfect world in the year 2035. Image

Now lets visit another possibility of the year 2035. Let me warn you, this version of 2035 is not very pretty.

People in this world can not speak. In the last twenty-five years, texting and instant messaged were used so frequently that people lost the ability to properly use their vocal cords. Now citizens must use a computer or cell phone if they want to attempt to communicate with one another. To make matters worse there is a very large war going on between many countries. The war begun over a misunderstanding of text messages between China and the U.S.

Because of the lack of speech, the television, film, and music industries have collapsed. This had lead to the closings of record labels, television and film studios, and entertainment stores. This has also effected the public relations field. There are no celebrities to protect, hence the need for public relations has significantly decreased. Hundreds of millions of jobs had been lost, making unemployment a record thirty-five percent.

The collapse of the music, television, and film industries, lead to an increase in video game production. Adults and children have clung to video games, as it one of the only forms of entertainment left on earth today. Unfortunately most of these games can be played without any substantial physical activity, which had lead to an increase in obesity. People are not taking care of themselves, which has lead to an increase in disease and a decrease in life-span. This world is in serious trouble.

To be honest, both of those worlds were a little extreme. I think that the year 2035 will onlyno-newspaper_copy_93f0ca have a few differences from today. I believe that all forms of mass media will flourish in the next twenty years, except the tradition newspaper. Unfortunately, I think that by 2035, we will get out news from only the internet and television. This will most likely lead to a decrease in job opportunities for journalists. I believe that all other forms of entertainment will be at an all time high. This will lead to increase in the need of public relations because of the new celebrities that will need representation.

I want to go into the television industry. I think that there will be an increase of programs and channels in the next twenty-five years. I am confident that this will lead to a strong television industry. Hopefully, I will be working for a major company that creates situational comedies. Along with having a great job, I wish to have an amazing family. I expect that my children will be extremely addicted to their smart phones like the people of today. But I will make sure that we have some fun family time without the use of any technology or mass communication.