Diabolical Disney

Almost every child in American watched Disney while growing up . When we were children, we didn’t question what we saw. But when we became adults, we realize all of the horrible messages that disney tried to teach us.Disney-logo

Disney makes women look weak. In almost every Disney movie there is a princess that needs to be rescued by a big, strong man. This is a terrible message for young girls to learn. These girls shouldn’t grow up believing that they need a prince to make them happy. They should believe in themselves and become strong, independent women.

In addition to Disney making women look week, they also objectivity women. Every disneyPrincess-Jasmine-disney-princess-29762439-259-300 princess is skinny, with a tiny waist, and a large bust. They only display beauty through one body type, which is wrong. Women come in all shapes and sizes and we shouldn’t allow one corporation to dictate what is beautiful and what is not. In Disney’s movies we often see men drooling over women, not because of their intelligence or personality, but because of their bodies.

if I ever have a daughter, I’m not sure if I will allow her to watch Disney movies. Sure, it is fun for every little girl to watch a happy story about a princess, but at what cost? I don’t want my daughter growing up and thinking that she should be weak, dumb, and beautiful to get a man’s love.


I consumer more media, than cops consume donuts!

For two days I kept track of how much media I consumed. Between watching television, going on the internet,reading newspapers, and listening to music, the amount of media I absorb is shocking! I also found that I have a pattern in my media habits; I do almost the exact same thing every day! Every morning when I walk to class I listen to my ipod and check the emails on my phone. When I am in class I am exposed to mass media through newspaper articles. In the afternoon, I go to back to my dorm, turn the television on, and watch for about an hour. After that I check my social media sites, iphone app updates, and favorite online shopping stores. At night, I usually begin to do my school work at, while the television is still on. And if I need to study I always listen to the music on my on iphone application,Pandora. Then I go to sleep, and the entire cycle beings again.

I found that the most mass media I consume comes from television. The television in my dorm room is on for roughly seven hours a day. Even thought I am not always fully watching the television program, I am still somewhat paying attention to the shows and their commercials. Since most half hour television episode last only twenty-two minutes, it leaves a lot of time for advertising. Television commercials play for about sixteen minutes every hour. This means that on an average day I am consuming around an hour and fifty-two minutes of just television commercials! I always knew that I watch a lot of television, but I never realized that I watched so many commercials.

Another way that I consume mass media is by learning about the news. For my microeconomics class, we are constantly learning about finical news. At least once a week we read and discuss an article from the New York Times or the Washington Post. Another way that I consume mass media throughout the news is by watching comical news programs, like the daily show. In this show, Jon Stewart puts a twist on the biggest news stories. Even thought Jon Steward is making a joke about the topics of the day, I am still being introduced to a lot about current events.

I also consume mass media through my Iphone applications. I play a couple of game applications on my phone. I really enjoy Fruit Ninja and Song Pop. What i don’t enjoy are the ads that always pop up during the game. Most of the advertisements are for other Iphone games that cost about a dollar. Other applications are a more direct form of advertising. For example one of my favorite applications is “Trailers”. “Trailers” is simply all of the latest movie trailers that you can watch on demand for free. By using this application, I am basically watching movie advertisements for fun. Another application that I use a lot is the “NBC” application. On this application there are advertisements running throughout the bottom of the screen. These advertisements tell me what shows are scheduled for that day. I don’t think i ever realized how much advertising is happening on my Iphone.
iTunes-Movie-Trailers.apple-tv fruit-ninja-main-title nbc-olympics-app-iphone
The final way that I consume media is through my computer. While on my laptop, i explore the world of online shopping. The online brands that interest me the most are “Know Style”, “599 Fashion, and “Love Culture” These websites all offer online and printable coupons to promote themselves. They also all have advertisement for new products and on sale products in the corners of their pages. I never noticed these advertisements before. I also check my emails many times a day on my laptop. Every time I check, I usually have a new email. Some of these emails are special deal or sale advertisements for stores that I have shopped at before. Other emails are from my college, these emails advertise the events of the week. Email advertisements are special because I think they are targeted to what the individual likes. This can be a very affective way to gain my interest.
home gmail
I knew that I was involved with a lot of media, but I was surprised about all of the hidden media I saw. I had never really paid attention to how many hours of television commercials I watched in a day or all of the advertisements on shopping websites.Tracking how much media I consume, opened my eyes to new media that I have never noticed before.

Put you hands up, and step away from the Iphone!

On Wednesday, February 13th, I had to go twenty-four hours with out using, seeing, or hearing any form of mass communication. Doesn’t sound too difficult, right? At first, I thought all I would have to do was avoid websites like Facebook and Google, not listen to my ipod, and not watch television. I assumed that if I stayed in my dorm most of the day, that I wouldn’t run into many forms of unwanted mass communication. And I believed that I would get a lot of homework done, because I would not be distracted by the social media websites, music and television. Wow, I was so wrong! 

To kick of my twenty-four hours of no media, I turned off the television at exactly 12:00am, and went to sleep. Wednesday morning started like most days do. Wake up at 7:20am, putting on some comfy clothes, and throwing on some makeup. I was just about to check my Iphone for mail update and twitter notifications, when I remember that today was a special day. Today was a day to think about media, instead of being involving in it.  I begrudgingly put the Iphone back in my purse. I usually checked my email about five times a day, so it was difficult to not see if I got any messages. I left my dorm and walked to the elevator. As soon as I stepped into the elevator, I heard it. A familiar song was blasting out of some one else’s headphones. I had only been awake for twenty minutes, and I had already been faced with mass media. no-iphone3gs 

Throughout the rest of my morning, I desperately wanted my ipod to distract me from the freezing temperature and chilling wind. Theres nothing like listen to music to get your mind off the fifteen mile per hour winds hitting you in the face. After all my classes, I walked to my school’s union to grab a quick lunch. I was envious of every student I passed wearing head phones. While getting lunch I realized that there were several newspaper stands around me. I rushed out of the union to avoid seeing any bit of news.
newspapers stands_010000.jpg2c764e2e-e753-47b8-953b-00f57d2d2d2bLarger

I went back to my dorm room to eat my lunch. I put my sandwich on my desk and reached for the power button on the television. It was such an instinct  for me to turn on the television that I didn’t even realize that I was doing something wrong. I left it on for a full five minutes before remembering that television counted as mass media. I turned the television off. I was so frustrated that I couldn’t watch television that I scarfed down my lunch and took a nap. 

I woke up about three hours later. I My roommate had put on the television, I asked her if there was any way that we could turn it off. She looked at me as if I had grown a second head. She then said, “Steph you love tv.” I explained the assignment to her, but I felt bad that she couldn’t watch television. So I went to do my homework in the quiet room. Unfortunately, I couldn’t focus while I was there. I was so used to having background noise when I did my homework. Not have television or music in the background really threw me off. I couldn’t get any of my work done in the entire two hours I spent in the quiet room. I was so annoyed with the day that I how-to-get-your-kids-to-do-their-homeworkjust decided to go to bed early. 

My day without mass media was very difficult. Mass media helps me relax. Because I couldn’t relax, I spent the whole day feeling angry and anxious. It also didn’t help that I saw so many people enjoying their media. It made me a little jealous of them. I thought that I would be okay without mass media, but I was wrong. The two things I missed the most were checking my email and watching television. My email helps me feel very connected to the outside world. It helps me organize all of my school work and extracurricular activities. Without my email, I felt very lost and scattered. Television is very important to me. I don’t think I have gone a day without television since I was six years old. Television is the one thing that can always make me laugh. So a day without television is a pretty bitter day. But I think that some good did come out of this day. I learned to appreciate my mass media.

The Evolution of Mass Communication

On Thursday in my mass communications class, we watch a very informative video. The video explained how mass communication had improved over the last five hundred years. I found that there were many interesting facts about mass communication that I had never known about. For example, I always assumed that the papers from the printing press focused on politics and current historical events. I never knew that many of the papers printed focused on business. Another interesting fact is that there were soap operas on radio. I thought that that was fascinating that shows that are now on television started on the radio. The final interesting fact from the video was that there were four major television stations when television first became popular. I always thought that it was only NBC, CBS, and ABC. I didn’t know that FOX was created not long after the other three. I also did not know that the competition between the television stations began so early. I learn a lot from watching this video.